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Drum Coating

  • Coating drum creates more frictional resistance between the drum and the conveyor belt, so there is a better grip and the risk of slipping of the tire is reduced.

  • There will therefore less damage and wear, which the life of the band extends. The coating of the drum leads in addition to the better the run of conveyor.

  • There are many types of coatings available at Tempo, all kinds of materials. Paint, epoxy powder coating, plastic, rubber and ceramic.

Technical data

  • A: Paint system; primer. Multiple layers may.
  • B: Epoxy coating, hot-spray process.
  • C: Epoxy Coating, Powder.
  • D: Rilsan® coating, in gray and white.
  • E: Rubber cover, thickness about 4 or 7 mm, mm roll diameter 63-80-89-108-133.
  • F: nop profile, pvc, white, thickness about 2 mm.
  • G: Rubber mini pane profile, black, around 60-65 ° shore, 6-8-10-15 mm thickness. Also available in maxi-diamond or light oil and grease resistant.
  • H: Transverse rib profile, pvc, white, thickness about 4 mm. Also limited available in gray color.
  • I: Linatex®, smooth natural rubber, thickness of 6 t / m 20mm. Even with a groove profile.
  • J: Supergrip profile, pvc, gray, thickness approximately 5 mm
  • K: Supernop profile, PVC, green, thickness about 6 mm. In many variable types and thicknesses.
  • L: Rubber mini pane profile, white, thickness about 8 mm
  • M: Durable rubber, smooth, black, available in approximately 40-45 ° and 60 -65 ° shore, 6-8-10-15 mm thickness.
  • N: Herringbone Profile, PVC, white, thickness about 4 mm.
  • O: ECO 40, synthetic rubber, red, smooth, thick 6-8-10-12-15 mm.
  • P: TT-8 cross rib profile, rubber, white, FDA-approved, thickness about 8 mm.
Increasingly rubber pane coating replaced by ceramic clothing of the drum. The use of ceramic coating offers many advantages:
  • Coatings with ceramic plates are ideal for high humidity and / or clay-like environments or extreme operating conditions.
  • The high coefficient of friction is an excellent grip and guaranteed therefore an excellent operation of the drum and the conveyor belt.
  • The ceramic coated barrel has an excellent friction when wet circumstances. The coating is porous and in vulcanized rubber with grooves, which moisture and dirt are removed and maintain grip on the conveyorremains.
  • The ceramic coating is impervious to moisture, non-flammable (usable at temperatures between -40 ° and 120 ° C), is wear resistant and has ahigh durability and long life..
  • The covering is available for each diameter and length of the required drum and two or more scale to secure parts with special nut bolts or welding .
  • The mounting of the drum coating is easily operated by one person to carry, thanks to the manageable, cut to size strips and lowweight of the ceramic coating with adhesive pre-processed.

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